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Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.

Information for Multicultural Family Support

Integrated education for multicultural families

  • The integrated education program for multicultural families that will lead to happy family relationships will be provided by organizing small groups such as families, spouses, couples, and children among others out of the participants in the education for an understanding of family members' roles and family cultures.
  • A family communication program is operated for education of parents and children and an understanding of multiple cultures.

Job connection and educational support for multicultural families

  • A job connection program is run, allowing for the local characteristics and the demand of immigrants married to Koreans in order for multicultural families to participate in the economic activities.
  • The educational support includes education of basic occupational knowledge, computer skills, life home fashion and Worknet registration among others.

Counseling program (personal and group counseling, case management, and connection with other counseling programs)

The counseling program releases stress and enhances healthiness inside multicultural families via counseling by improving the relationships between couples, parents, and children among others.

Cultural program (Sharing Volunteer Corps for Multicultural Families and Self-help Meeting)

  • The cultural program promotes individualized multicultural family support provided by volunteers.
  • The cultural program helps multicultural families settle in Korea and strengthens the emotional bond by helping them fit in the Korean society.

Multicultural awareness improvement program and multicultural community promotion

These activities enhance a mutual understanding and multicultural sensitivity by providing chances for immigrants married to Koreans and community members to experience multiple cultures.

Korean language education

  • This Korean language education is designed to help immigrants married to Koreans, and foreign or immigrated children learn the Korean language and culture in order for them to fit in the life in Korea and communicate with members of the Korean society fluently.
  • Curriculum: Regular course (step 1~4)
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Multicultural children's language development support programs

  • These programs evaluate multicultural children's language development states and carry out suitable language education.
  • These programs facilitate acceleration of children's language development in everyday life by providing multicultural parents with counseling and information about teaching methods.
  • Main Programs: Evaluation and education of children's language and counseling and education for parents

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Multicultural Family Support Center

  • Type: Service facilities
  • Category: Multicultural females
  • Representative: Kim Dong Seok
  • Address: 31-3, Kkotbongsan-ro 79beon-gil, Sancheong-eup, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
  • Phone: 055-972-1078