Welcome to Sancheong

Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.

County Tree, County Flower, and County Bird

  • Bamboo image
    Bamboo Country Tree
    • Bamboo represents the unaffected simple spirit of the county residents.
    • The spirit of evergreen bamboo symbolizes the strong county residents.
    • Bamboo ware and bamboo cultivation increase the county residents' income.
  • County Flower image
    Cotton Flower County Flower
    • Korea's first cotton plantation is in Sancheong-gun (Sawol-ri, Danseong-myeon).
    • Korean white-clad people's spirit is contained in cotton flowers.
  • County Bird image
    Nightingale County Bird
    • The yellow color of nightingales' bodies represents peace.
    • The black color of nightingales' crowns symbolizes strong wills.
    • Intimacy between male and female nightingales is symbolic of county residents' harmony.
    • Nightingales are harmless birds, inhabiting mountains and fields.
    • Strength of nightingales against foreign enemies stands for county residents' gentle strength.