Welcome to Sancheong

Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.


Gyeonghogang River Rafting

The rafting refers to a leports where you go shooting the rapids of the river and valley while rowing together on a boat made of PVC or rubber.

With Jirisan Mountain, which is called one of the best mountains ever, as its backdrop Gyeonghogang River is flowing serenely in beautiful landscape in harmony with the people‘s generous mind, while keeping the pride of Sancheong.

This place‘s natural scenery is more beautiful any other than anywhere else in the country and has adequate amount of the water so that you can enjoy the thrill of rafting. It has such wonderful natural environment that you can enjoy your time with you friends, significant others, and family.

After rafting you may visit tourist attractions such as Jirisan National Park, Daewonsa Valley, Jungsalli Valley, the First Cotton Farm of Mun Ik-jeom, Birthplace of Monk Seongcheol, and Royal Tomb of King Guhyeong, and you may climb around Hwangmaesan Mountain, Ungseokbong Mountain, Wangsan Mountain, Pilbongsan Mountain, and Duncheolsan Mountain, which you can reach within 30 minutes by car. There are amenities and facilities such as pensions, guest houses, garden houses, training centers, and bungalows amid the ranges of Jirisan Mountain.

Gyeonghogang River Sweetfish Fishing

The whole Gyeonghogang River consists of a lot of shingles and rocks, which allows you to fish at every single point of the river. The size of sweetfish reaches up to 18-22cm in June in average and over 20cm after July. In the fishing points of the upper reaches, there are large sweetfish reaching over 25cm. You can catch at least 70 sweetfish on average in one day.

  • The Period of Sweetfish Fishing in Gyeonghogang River, Sancheong : April 15th to September 14th every year
  • Route to Gyeonghogang River : Gimhae International Airport → Namhae Expressway → Sancheong
  • Directions : Once you call an information guide to inform the date and time of your arrival, the guide will let a taxi pick you up and guide you to your hotel.
    Call guide Taxi liaison Sancheong accommodations
  • Information Guide : Ujjida Gajeuggo / Tel. 82-10-9186-1263 (Ask the guide if you require a guide for fishing)

※ Taxi Fare: KRW130,000 (Capacity of 1 to 3 persons depending on the numbers and volume of luggage)

How to Fish
  • Move to a fishing point from hotel by taxi
  • Fare : Free (You can fish for free since Korea does not have a Fisheries Cooperatives)
  • Price of Bait Fish : KRW3,000 to KRW4,000 /each (cultivated)
  • How to Store Bait Fish : Some lodges offer fish tanks where you can store the bait fish
  • Lodging Fare : Within KRW40,000 to KRW50,000 for one room per night
  • Meals : Many restaurants available around lodges (in walking distance)

※ Main Menu: Sogogi gui (Grilled Beef), dwaejigogi gui (Grilled Pork), jeongsik (Korean Table d'hote), etc.