Welcome to Sancheong

Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.

Sancheong's Oriental Medicinal Herb

Local Conditions

Sancheong-gun has the potential to grow as anindustrial city specializing in oriental medicine.
  • Clean natural resources
    • Jirisan National Park
    • Gyeonghogang River, Deokcheongang River
    • Nine Scenic Views of Sancheong, etc.
  • The repository of medicinalherb resources
    • Jirisan Mountain‘s clean area, optimized for medicinal herbs cultivation
    • 1,000 kinds of naturally growing medicinal herbs
    • Strategic cultivation of masterpiece medicinal herbs
  • The home of traditionaloriental medicine
    • Area of medical practice carried out by excellent doctors such as Heo Jun, Chogaek and Chosam among others
    • Plentiful contents related to oriental medicine such as Donguibogam Village among others
  • Integrated orientalmedicinal herb industry
    • Gyeongnam Oriental Medicinal Herb Institute
    • Sancheong Medical Herb Festival
    • Oriental Medical Cluster
Necessity of Oriental Medicinal Herb Industry
  • Synergy effect by means of business integration
    • Integration of the oriental medicine industry
    • Necessity of a new income creating model via convergence with other industries
    • Necessity of promotion for a masterpiece industry that can lead the local industry.
  • Growth to become the representative brand of the oriental medicine industry
    • Market expansion via omnidirectional product development
    • Profit creation via change into an industry led by companies
    • Improvement of brand value by shifting focus from production to distribution
  • Growth to become the global leader of the medicinal herb industry
    • Global market expansion for various oriental medicine products in line with Korean wave
    • Development of storytelling tourism products
    • Preoccupancy of the oriental medicinal herb brand in the market

Current Status of the Oriental Medicinal Herb Industry

Convergence from medicinal herb production to processing, commercialization, sales, and medical tourism
  • Primary Industry(Production)
    • 1,333 farmhouses
    • Cultivation area of 491ha
    • Output of 1,500ton
    • Sales of KRW15 billion
    • 40 kinds of major medicinal herbs
    • More than 30 producer organizations
  • Secondary Industry(Processing R&D)
    • 84 processing facilities
    • 120 kinds of oriental medicinal food
    • 40 cases of R&D
    • 23 patent-pending items
    • 33 commercialized products
  • Tertiary Industry(Distribution and Marketing)
    • Establishment and operation of Gyeongnam Crude Drugs Nonghyup Association (2006 ~)
    • 18 medicinal herb wholesalers
    • Permanent medicinal herb market
    • The Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol
    • Donguibogam Village Business Council
  • Senary Industry(Oriental Medical Tourism)
    • Donguibonga Healing Town
    • Oriental Qi Experience Center
    • Oriental Medicine Museum
    • Donguibogam Village
    • Hanbang Natural Recreation Forest Oriental Yakchotang among others

Promotion system of the oriental medicinal herb industry

  • Promotion of the business
    Promotion will be accelerated by participation of industries, schools, laboratories and governments related to oriental medicinal herbs.
  • Sancheong-gun
    Anti-aging Industry Division, Culture and Tourism Division, Forestry and Greenery Division, Agricultural Technology Center
  • Research institutes and colleges
    Participant colleges in cooperation between the government and colleges, Gyeongnam Oriental Medicinal Herb Institute
  • Agricultural support organizations
    Crude Drugs Nonghyup Association, Forest Association, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperatives, and Korea Rural Community and Agriculture Corporation
  • Farmhouses
    Medicinal Herb Research Society, farming corporations, and cooperative units for each medicinal herb species
  • Media and social organizations
    Local media companies, organizations in sisterhood relationships, county community members out of town, and Korean Advanced Farmers Federation among others

Promotion History

  • 1998 Sancheong-gun was designated as one of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s 7 cultural tourism areas [by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism].
  • 2001 Sancheong Medical Herb Festival and Traditional Herbal Medicine Recreation Tourist Site were created [by Sancheong-gun].
  • 2005 The oriental medicine industry cluster was included in the 5-year plan for promotion and development of oriental medicine [by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs].
  • 2006 Establishment of Gyeongnam Crude Drugs Nonghyup Association was approved [by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries].
  • 2008 Oriental Medicinal Herb Enterprise Organization was established [by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security].
  • 2008 Sancheong Oriental Medicinal Herb Laboratory was selected [by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy].
  • 2008 Sancheong oriental medicinal herb industrial zone was designated [by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy].
  • 2009 Hanbang Natural Recreation Forest and Medicinal Herb Town were created [by Korea Forest Service].
  • 2013 Sancheong oriental medicinal herb industrial zone was awarded the grand prize [by the Small and Medium Business Administration].
  • 2013 Sancheong Medical Herb Festival was selected as an excellent festival [by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism].
  • 2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong, Korea was held [by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Gyeongsangnam-do and Sancheong-gun].
  • 2015 Sancheong Medical Herb Festival was selected as the most excellent festival [by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism].

Major promotional projects by the oriental medicinal herb industry

Promotional projects with an emphasis on in the industrial zone

  • High quality medicinal herb cultivation and production
    • Creation of the masterpiece cultivation complex (30 kinds in 100ha)
    • Promotion of the support project for medicinal herb cultivation and production
    • Education for vitalization of production traceability
    • Installation of seedling culture nurseries for medicinal herbs
  • Promotion of companies in the oriental medicine industry
    • Invitation of oriental medicine processing companies (10 companies)
    • Vitalization of operation of Gyeongnam Crude Drugs Nonghyup Association including horticultural brand promotion projects among others
    • Support for construction such as safflower processing factories among others
  • Support for oriental medicinal herb research
    • Development of processed oriental medicinal products (33 products)
    • Support for oriental medicine companies to use equipment (property analysis equipment among others)
    • Promotion of the project for supporting the locally specialized convergence research
  • Vitalization of distribution of oriental medicinal herbs
    • Promotion of infrastructure establishment project for oriental medicinal herb distribution
    • Sancheong Traditional Medicinal Herb Market (3 buildings and 13 shops)
    • Promotion and marketing for improvement of Sancheong medicinal herb awareness
    • Operation of medicinal herb shops (Donguibogam Village)
    • Promotion of the Donguibogam Village brand marketing project
  • Creation of the specialized oriental medicinal recreation city
    • Creation of Donguibonga Healing Town
    • Creation of Heojun Sullye-gil Road
    • Creation of Hanbang Natural Recreation Forest (49ha)
    • Creation of Medicinal Food Experience Center (250m² including 2 buildings)

Experience facilities for oriental medicine

  • Hanbang Natural Recreation Forest: A healing space with the theme of oriental medicine furnished with Oriental Medicine Healing Forest, Nature Learning Center, and accommodations among others
  • Forest Recreation Center Area of 495,870m² (4 detached buildings and 11 condo-type rooms)
  • Medicinal Food Experience Center (traditional Hanok)
  • Experience facilities for oriental medicine, built in order to realize healthy longevity and vitalize tourism related to oriental medicine via popularization of Sancheong Medicinal Food
  • Donguiyakseongwan in Donguibogam Village and 2 buildings of Daejanggeum Yakseonggwan in the Festival Plaza
  • Medicinal Herb Experience Complex Cultivation of food ingredients such as bellflower root, deodeok, Dong Quai, groundsel, Asian lizard's tail, ovate-leaf atractylodes, and thistle among others in an area of 55ha
  • Creation of employment by mobilizing people in the low income group and unemployed youths for the project (85 people)
  • Oriental Medicinal Herb Experience Theme Park
  • Creation of Medical Plant Botanical Garden using the forest area
  • Medicinal Herb Nature Learning Area and Ecological Experience Area among others

Facilities for production, processing, research, and distribution

  • Jeonggwangdeul Medicinal Herb Complex
    • Cultivation of 20 species including safflowers, wilfordi roots, Cynanchum wilfordii, Ledebouriella seseloides, Canada potatoes, and coix among others in an area of 13.4ha
    • Provision of job opportunities to people in the low income groups by the community self-sufficiency center
  • Operation of Gyeongnam Crude Drugs Nonghyup Association
    • Construction of integrated horticultural medical crop processing facilities
    • Creation of medical crop products with high added value by building GMP and GAP facilities
    • Operation of permanent medicinal herb shops (1 shop in the Festival Plaza and 1 shop in Donguibogam Village)
  • Gyeongnam Oriental Medicinal Herb Institute
    • Establishment of 42 pieces of equipment such as extractors and raw material analysis devices among others in the laboratory building and the production building (4,497m²)
    • Oriental medicinal herb product development and medical source research among others (23 patents, 13 cases of technical transfer, and 33 cases of commercialization)
  • Operation of Sancheong Medicinal Herb Market and creation of permanent medicinal herb sales space
    • 3 buildings, 13 shops (1,184m²), warehouses for common use, rest areas, and restrooms among others
  • Opening of Hanbang Healing Mall
    • Product for sale which are produced by processing companies in Sancheong-gun such as red ginseng, vegetable-based Omega-3, oriental medicine shampoo, and oriental medicinal cosmetics among others
    • Participation of Nature Cheongmyeong Oriental Medicinal Cosmetics, San and Deul, Walking Science, Donguibogam Village Entrepreneur Cooperative Association, Sericulture National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Alcheon Farm, Jirisan Village, Daebo Green Food, Honghwawon, Anshimga, Kongsalim, and Sancheong Soybean Paste Association

Facilities related to oriental medical treatment

  • Meditation Qi Experience Center: Gicheonmun Gate, Donguijeon, Seokgyeong Rock, Gwigamseok Rock, Bokseokjeong, and Hall of Great Seal among others
  • Oriental Medicinal Healing Town (Donguibonga): A space to heal minds and bodies of modern people who are tired
    • 12 traditional Hanok buildings (4 accommodation buildings, 4 medical buildings, 1 spa building, and 3 restroom buildings)
    • Operation of various experience programs including Hanok stays and oriental medical treatment
    • Connection of Donguibogam Dulle-gil
  • The Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol
    • Bondiol is a member of the Society of Hyeongsang Medicine. It makes decoction based on traditional Donguibogam decoction method
    • Bondiol only uses medicinal herbs verified by experiments and tests (residual insecticide measurement, the heavy metals limit test, the verification test, the purity test, content measurement after desiccation, and quantitative analysis among others).

Sancheong Medical Herb Festival

  • Sancheong Medical Herb Festival was designated as the best festival by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
    • Period: Every October
    • Venue: Festival Plaza and Donguibogam Village
    • Events: More than 100 events in 12 oriental medicinal herb areas
    • Visitors of 830,000 people, the sales profit of KRW3.5 million and the local economic externalities of KRW16 million are estimated

Visions of the oriental medicinal herb industry

  • Sancheong will become the global oriental medicinal herb industry's mecca.
  • Sancheong will become the representative brand of the oriental medicinal herb industry that creates the high added value.
  • Sancheong will become the key point of oriental medicinal herb production.
  • Sancheong will attract oriental medicine companies and carry out R&D of new medical products.
  • Sancheong will organize the integrated oriental medicine cluster.
  • Sancheong will promote oriental medical tourism and provide medicinal food experiences.
  • Sancheong has successfully held 2013 the World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival in Sancheong, Korea.
  • Sancheong is the birthplace of Jirisan Mountain's naturally growing herb medicine.