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Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.

Oriental Medicine Anti-aging

Oriental Medicine Anti-aging
Establishment of oriental medicinal anti-aging industry
cluster with high added value
Creation of infrastructure for anti-aging source material
production and the key point for anti-aging industrialization
and healing services
Promotion strategy
Selection and concentration
  • To select strategic investment vehicles and support them intensively
  • To enhance the investment efficiency through systematic and phased investment
Development according to
the virtuous circle
  • Sustainable growth triggered by manifestation of creativity and innovation
  • Enhancement of the synergy effect by means of the connection between primary, secondary, and tertiary industries
Hospitable cooperation
  • Securement of economy of scale by means of the connection with the local government with regards to local resources
  • Reinforcement of a reasonable role assignment and cooperation system between participants
4 major business areas
Project of establishing the infrastructure for the promotion of the anti-aging industry
  • Preparation of stable raw material supply infrastructure by expanding cultivation complexes
  • Creation of industrial, distributive, and tourism complexes by utilizing specialized local resources
  • Establishment of the anti-aging social network (Sancheong Oriental Medicinal Anti-aging Forum)
Project of strengthening the technical development competence
  • Expansion of the R&D function for reinforcing the competence of local innovation
  • Promotion of the consumer-oriented technical development project
Project of building an effective system to support companies
  • Creation of an industrial eco-system by means of strengthening the incubating function
  • Promotion of co-brand projects for enhancement of the business synergy effect
  • Support for human resource training and domestic and overseas marketing
Operation of differentiated healing programs
  • Promotion of Korea's best oriental medicinal anti-aging healing center
  • Operation of stay-type healing experience programs