Welcome to Sancheong

Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.

Investment Climate

Fundamental Current Status
  • Thriving Local
    Revitalizing a sluggish local economy to realize a wealthy area by attracting corporations
  • Wealthy Welfare
    Securing a prosperous and robust community with the expansion of social welfare facilities
  • Friendly and Favorable
    Visit by public officials to community members to solve their challenging troubles
  • Outstanding
    Orientation towards future and globalization through eco-friendly agricultural practice focused on quality food
  • Sancheong as Tourist
    Staying / well-being / experience tourism development for oriental medicine and relaxation
  • Location : The northwestern region of Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Area : 794.6㎢ (Forest land 79.2%)
    ※ Jirisan National Park constitutes 109.87㎢, which takes up 23.3% of the whole area (471.76㎢)
  • Administrative District : 1 Eup, 10 Myeon, 119 Ri, 285 Villages
  • Agricultural-industrial Complex : Chatan Agro-industrial Complex (Sancheong-eup), Geumseo Agro-industrial Complex (Geumseo-myeon)

※ Geumseo Secondary Agro-industrial Complex, Maechon Industrial Complex, Maechon Secondary Industrial Complex are in progress to be built.

Investment Climate

  • Easily accessible and open traffic in every direction
  • Penetration to Daejeon - Tongyeong Expressway from south and north, and National Road 3 (four-lane)
    • Expressway Interchange (3 ICs) : Saengcho IC, Sancheong IC, and Danseong IC
    • Crossing National Road 20 and 59 from east to west
    • 1 hour and 30 minute distance from Sancheong-gun to metropolitan cities such as Busan-si, Daegu-si, Gwangju-si, Daejeon-si
    • Easy transport of cargo to Gwangyang Port and Busan New Port within one hour
  • Easy accessibility to Sacheon Airport within 40 minutes
  • Expected to greatly increase in the number of visitors to Jirisan Mountain once the construction of Bammeorijae Pass Tunnel and the construction and pavement of National Road 20 and 59 are complete
    • Recently attracting attention as a well-being hotspot with Sancheong oriental medicinal herbs and sustainable agriculture