Welcome to Sancheong

Sancheong, the hometown of Mt. Jiri andthe clean town of traditional Asian medicine.


Meaning of the Brand

Meaning of the Brand

Sancheong-gun's co-brand is created by signifying Sancheong-gun's name. 'San and Cheong' is the new face of Sancheong-gun which is under the
influence of Jirisan Mountain's pure green spirit. It represents Sancheong's
dynamic yet soft beauty and guarantees the outstanding taste and quality of
various agricultural specialty products and medicinal herbs.

San and Cheong's Promises

San and Cheong is only used for excellent products produced in the environmentally friendly area of Sancheong.
San and Cheong is oriented toward the best quality as the uniformity of the quality is ensured by strict quality control for the items with the San and Cheong brand, from the cultivation phase to the commercialization phase and the sales phase.
All county residents will become one and make their best effort in order for San and Cheong to become a trusted brand.